How to break the barriers of inequality with toothbrushes

The Um6ss Smile Creators Association (USCA) is a member of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS). The association’s oral health prophylaxis campaign involved two events hosted by two primary schools in Morocco.

Oral health awareness

The campaign taught children (6-13 years old) living in the most disadvantaged areas about how important good oral health is and demonstrated the correct tooth-brushing technique. The enthusiastic dental students managed to overcome geographical barriers (the first event took place in a very remote village in southern Morocco), tackle social inequality (the second event was held in Hed Soualem, which is an often-forgotten region), and most importantly, make the entire experience a fun and enjoyable activity for all!

Keep children smiling

The success of the campaign was featured in the local press and promoted on their social media channels. According to the organizers, their biggest achievement was seeing the happiness and gratitude of the participating children.

WOHD20_Um6ss Smile Creators Association

Schoolchildren in Morocco learn about oral health with the dental students of the Um6ss Smile Creators Association (USCA)