Harnessing the power of social media for better oral health

The Chamber of Dental Students of Ankara is a sub-institution of the Turkish Dentist Association, an FDI member. The student committee has actively participated in previous World Oral Health Day campaigns to show as many people as possible how to maintain good oral health.

Online campaign

While this their events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they created an outstanding online campaign on social media. The dental students were grateful for the solution to shift their campaign online, as they were able to use social media to not only inspire their patients, but also to reach the broader public.

Raising awareness through social media

The three most interestingĀ topics for their public supporters were highlighted with social media banners, including how to use dental floss, how to manage halitosis (bad breath), and how to improve eating habits for better oral health. An Instagram story encouraged their followers to share tips about oral health and share funny oral health facts. Who knew that the first dental brushes were made of horse, pig, and badger hair?!

WOHD20_Chamber of Dental Students of Ankara

Turkish Dental Students take a World Oral Health Day pledge to inspire their patients to take care of their mouths