Harbin Second Hospital's Department of Stomatology Launches "Be Proud of Your Mouth" Free Clinic activity to Promote Oral Health

The Department of Stomatology at Harbin Second Hospital marked World Oral Health Day with a range of initiatives aimed at promoting good oral health and offering free services to people who may not have access to regular dental care.

Promotion of Oral Knowledge

The hospital has visited two secondary schools to teach students preventive actions to achieve optimal health. They promoted the World Oral Health Day campaign by conducting oral examinations for 81 elderly people at a nursing home making a  reasonable number of diagnoses and treatment plans. On 20 March, the hospital continued to carry out multiple activities including a free clinic, knowledge explanation, free oral examination, treatment discounts, and small oral care gifts.

Media Engagement

The events were well-attended and very engaging. The hospital conducted 7 live Internet broadcasts, introducing knowledge of oral health and reaching over 1000 viewers. These efforts also garnered media attention, with provincial television stations, municipal radio stations, online media, and other institutions conducting interviews and reports, resulting in over 20,000 news views. By combining interactive events and media outreach, the Department of Stomatology at Harbin Second Hospital demonstrated their commitment to promoting oral health for all. Through their efforts, they aimed to empower people with the knowledge and tools to secure a healthy and confident smile.  

Community members utilizing oral health services provided by the department of stomatology of Harbin Second Hospital