School visit


Toothbrushing Trainings

 Dental professionals will guide participants through the correct motions and methods to effectively clean every nook and cranny of their teeth. Kids will have the opportunity to practice on fun, kid-friendly models, ensuring they leave as toothbrushing experts!


Story Time with "The Girl Who Found Her Smile"


We will have a captivating story time session featuring the book "The Girl Who Found Her Smile." This engaging tale follows the journey of a young girl discovering the importance of oral health in a relatable and entertaining way. Children will be encouraged to participate, ask questions, and discuss the valuable lessons learned from the story.


Dance Time with Oral Health Songs

Kids will have a blast learning fun dance routines and sing-along tunes that reinforce positive oral hygiene habits in a lively, energetic way. This interactive dance party is sure to get everyone on their feet and smiling from ear to ear!


Dental Check-ups

Experienced dental professionals will be on-site to conduct quick yet comprehensive oral health check-ups for all attendees. Children will receive gentle examinations, guidance on their brushing techniques, and valuable insights into maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. Any potential issues will be identified, and appropriate recommendations will be provided.


Distribution of Oral Health Swag Bags

To encourage continued oral health practices at home, each child will receive an exclusive Oral Health Swag Bag filled with valuable resources. These bags will include engaging storybooks and workbooks, kid-friendly toothpastes, and new toothbrushes – everything they need to continue their smile-tastic journey and develop lifelong positive habits.

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Dentalcare Foundation
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World Oral Health Day Funfair
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Dental check-ups
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School visit
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