Successful World Oral Health Day Programme Promotes Healthy Mouth for Pasir Puteh Residents


In an effort to promote oral health awareness and emphasize the importance of a healthy mouth for overall well-being, Pejabat Kesihatan Pergigian Daerah Pasir Puteh organized a successful programme on World Oral Health Day. The event, themed "A Happy Mouth Is A Happy Body’ took place on March 26, 2024, at Klinik Pergigian Mesra Promosi Pasir Puteh and witnessed the active participation of 57 patients seeking treatment at the clinic.

The programme encompassed various activities aimed at educating participants on oral hygiene practices and fostering a deeper understanding of the link between oral health and general health. Among the highlights were informative talks on oral health, engaging quizzes to test participant’s knowledge, and an oral health exhibition showcasing practical tips for maintaining a healthy mouth.

One of the notable features of the programme was the presence of our ‘Ikon Gigi’, Ustaz Fasihul Hakimi Abdullah, who served as the icon for oral health education. He delivered insightful sessions, offering valuable advice and guidance to attendees on how to maintain optimal oral hygiene habits.

The official inauguration of the programme was conducted by Dr. Nazuha Binti Ahmad Fikri, the District Dental Officer, who emphasized the significance of such initiatives in promoting dental wellness within the community.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the programme achieved its objective of raising awareness about the importance of oral health and encouraging individuals to adopt preventive measures for dental care. Participants left the event equipped with valuable knowledge and resources to safeguard their oral well-being, thereby contributing to the overall health and vitality of Pasir Puteh residents.

As World Oral Health Day continues to garner global attention, initiatives like these serve as a testament to the dedication of healthcare professionals and community leaders in ensuring a healthier future for all, one smile at a time.



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