Oral Science Education in Schools, Fun Learning Yields Many Benefits.


  On March 20,2024,the medical team of Pediatric Dentistry in the West District of Hefei Stomatological Hospital, led by Department Director Xie Ling, visited the Elementary School Division of the Middle School Attached to the University of Science and Technology of China to conduct an oral science education activity in the third grade. The following is a summary of the event:

1.This activity has been highly valud and strongly supported by the leaders of the hospital and the school, which provides a guarantee for the smooth development of the activity. After the event, the official website of the school and the public account of the Pediatric Dentistry released publicity articles in a timely manner, further expanding the influence of the event.

2.Detailed plans and rich contents were formulated and designed for this activity. In addition to explaining oral health knowledge in the form of lectures, a number of interesting, novel, and interactive game links were also set up. Meanwhile, reward and gifts were given to students participating in the activity, which fully aroused the enthusiasm of students and made them happy and fruitful.

    Next, we will continue to respond to the call of the Chinese Stomatological Association and continuously promote various types of oral science education.




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