The British University in Egypt celebrating the WOHD-2024 Raising the theme “A Happy Mouth Is ---A Happy Body”


The faculty of Dentistry – The British university in Egypt

will celebrate the world Oral Health Day -2024 with a wide range of events which will be extending  throughout  February and March  months :

  • February Activities ( awareness campaigns, lunching an   initiative for supporting patients with hearing and taking disabilities  & checkups convoys  ) :
  1. Dental convoys are arranged using the mobile clinic to remote areas deprived from oral health care to offer oral health care and awareness services, tooth brushing educational sessions and primary medical care checkups.
  2. Primary School visits to  offer oral health care awareness, the importance of healthy food for teeth and teeth brushing educational sessions.
  3. Oral health Awareness and educational campaign arranged by the faculty interns targeting different university categories as the students, workers, and hospital patients in the waiting area including demonstration of teeth brushing techniques on mouth models.
  4. Lunching an Initiative for supporting the patients with hearing and taking disabilities, through arranging a Workshop to   educate sign language and ways of communications  for dentists and administrative staff , to be able to support patients with hearing and taking  disabilities in the hospital.
  5. Patients will receive oral health kits as giveaways.
  • March activities:

Celebrating the World Oral Health Day-2024 will be held in the university Auditorium, the program includes:

  • Cigarette cessation awareness and educational session for young dentists for cigarette smoking hazards aiming to  advising their patients   .
  • Hosting school children visit campus for oral health educational through entertaining competitions and presenting an oral health educational play which will be presented for them by our faculty students, through different attractive tools and ideas for games, interacting quizzes thematic gifts to be presented to the  children. Also awareness will have recommendations for eating health food using visual aids
  • Entertainment activities in accordance with oral health education presented by the faculty students.
  • FDI templates resources will be used. Awareness will include posters , brochures , flyers and videos of
  • Toothie the Beaver 3 D model will be used during the celebration.