The Yangchun Stomatological Hospital Spread oral health awareness and dental check-ups

Dental check-ups

Event Introduction: This World Oral Health Day event in Yangchun City is jointly organized by our hospital, the Stomatological Hospital of Southern Medical University, and the Guangdong Provincial Dental Disease Prevention and Control Guidance Center. It is planned to be held on March 16th, with the main venue located in the Qinghu Village Committee and Sanjia Town of Bajia Town. The event mainly helps special groups such as low-income and extremely impoverished households to carry out oral prevention and treatment such as cleaning teeth, periodontal treatment, fluoride application, and filling teeth. Among them, it includes establishing archives for the public, distributing small gifts, and distributing oral prevention brochures. Four doctors, four nurses, and several logistics personnel will be arranged to carry out oral health promotion and prevention services on site.

From March 16th to 30th, the dental prevention team of Yangchun Oral Hospital used portable dental treatment units to visit Qinghu Village in Bajia Town, Daxin Village in Sanjia Town, and Pingnan Village in Heshui Town to provide free oral health screenings. At the village party and mass service center plaza, the team focused on providing free oral health checks, free teeth cleaning, tooth filling, and public education on oral health knowledge to villagers, especially elderly individuals who had difficulty moving. Over 190 elderly individuals received oral healthcare services on site. The medical staff established electronic health records for their oral health and scheduled patients with severe dental problems to visit the outpatient department of Yangchun Oral Hospital for follow-up treatment. During the event, the staff distributed promotional materials for World Oral Health Day and gave away toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral care gifts to the villagers.

Taking the public welfare activities of "World Oral Health Day" as an opportunity, we will continue to carry out the beneficial and convenient service of "oral care for the young and the old across the city" to benefit the masses, and cover the elderly in nursing homes, students in schools and kindergartens, as well as the "elderly and children" groups in relevant village committees across the city through mobile services. We strive to raise the awareness of oral health among the people in rural areas, especially in remote areas, effectively solve the problem of difficult access to medical care at the grass-roots level, and contribute to the oral health of the people in Yangchun.



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