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Choose from six different posters with six different calls to action.

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Social media is a powerful way to spread the World Oral Health Day messages and promote better oral health on a global scale.

The most powerful way to show your support is by using pre-made WOHD social media headers on your profile and showing your support for oral health.

WOHD17 Campaign Video

How does your mouth affect your life? Choose to Live Mouth Smart focuses on the six main campaign messages and empowers people to take control of their oral health throughout life so they can enjoy a healthy, functional mouth from childhood into old age.

Get involved this year

World Oral Health Day 2017 toolkit

Find out how you can best utilize the campaign materials to celebrate World Oral Health Day.

This Toolkit was crafted especially for you, making it easier to show your support and make a difference. The Toolkit includes tips on how to get active on social media, to organizing an event, or getting involved in local policy.

Your guide to good oral health

World Oral Health Day 2017 brochure

A practical guide for the public showing the 'dos and don'ts' of oral health, with special sections devoted to the oral health of women during pregnancy, children and seniors.

Become an oral health advocate and help change policy in your country

World Oral Health Day 2017 advocacy toolkit

This guide recommends policy solutions and provides concrete measures that governments worldwide can implement to protect the oral health of their citizens.

Smart Mouths play Mad Mouths

Have fun swiping away all the nasties found in your mouth but be careful not to swipe away the toothpaste! Learn about oral health while having fun.

Mad Mouths for iOS Mad Mouths for Android

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Help your patients Live Mouth Smart

Help your patients Live Mouth Smart

This ad was designed specifically for dentists, calling to share the World Oral Health Day message. With the help of the FDI National Dental Associations, the following ads were adapted locally and distributed globally on Dental Tribune International.