Yangchun Stomatological Hospital holds a campus oral service activity on World Oral Health Day

School visit

This activity aims to promote oral health knowledge at Chunguang Kindergarten and provide oral prevention interventions such as fluoride application for young children. This includes creating files for children, distributing promotional materials on oral prevention, and so on. Three doctors, three nurses, and several logistics personnel will be arranged for this event.

On March 18th, Yangchun City Dental Hospital organized medical staff to carry out a free fluoride application and tooth decay prevention activity for children at Chunguang Kindergarten in Chuncheng Street. At the event, doctors conducted a thorough and meticulous oral examination for over 200 children. During the fluoride application process, the children were very brave, opening their mouths wide to cooperate with the doctors, and the entire activity was carried out in an orderly manner. The dentists also provided detailed science popularization to the children on the importance of teeth, correct brushing methods, and other contents, guiding them to focus on dental hygiene in their daily lives and maintain healthy mouths.

Through the "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body" School Oral Health Service Campaign, not only the dental health of the children was protected, but also the prevention of tooth decay was achieved. At the same time, it helped children establish a correct concept of oral health, raised the awareness of parents, teachers, and children about oral issues, and thereby maintained oral health.




Tongxin Road Yangchun city
Yangjiang Shi
Guangdong Sheng, 529600

Chunguang Kindergarten
Oral Science Popularization,Apply fluoride to children