World Oral Health Day at Alamein

Dental check-ups

The awareness team at the college of Dentistry, AASTMT, Alamein will conduct a dental check up campaign for their fellow students at the other faculties at the campus. A group of enthusiastic and community directed team of fourth and fifth grade dental students will provide a distinguished service for their colleagues at faculty of Engineering, Computer science, Medicine, Business administration, Pharmacy and Artificial Intelligence Faculties at Alamein Campus. over 6 days starting from Sun 18th to Thu 22nd of Feb 24, there will be comprehensive dental check ups provided by the students and supervised by the teaching staff at the outpatient dental clinics. the aim is to inform the youth at campus with their current oral health problems and raise awareness as to the required treatment procedures and oral hygiene practice. a simplified card headed by the logo of World Oral Health Day will be handed to each student which includes the result of diagnosis regarding presence of carious teeth, periodontal pockets, ginigival inflammation, plaque and calculus , or abscesses. the back of the card will include general recommendations for keeping the oral health at maximum.



Lattin district, C4 entrance
new Alamein
Alexandria Governorate

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport , Alamein Campus. College of Dentistry