World Oral Health Day 2024: Fiji's Commitment to Well-Being



Fiji has embraced the FDI  theme "Happy Mouth, Happy Body," highlighting the vital link between oral health and overall well-being from birth to old age. Each year, Fiji commemorates World Oral Health Day with grandeur and purpose. This year, a collaborative effort between the Fiji Dental Association, Fiji National University, Ministry of Health, and Colgate has led to a series of targeted programs for diverse audiences.

These initiatives reach out to the general public, ante-natal clinics, primary/secondary schools, dental patients, municipal market, senior homes, and communities nationwide. The National Oral Health Week, following World Oral Health Day, aims to raise awareness about oral health improvement and disease prevention, particularly among underprivileged communities.

Key messages emphasize the importance of regular brushing, healthy eating, and dental check-ups for a "Happy Mouth" and a "Happy Body."

Main Activities:

  1. Free Oral Health Checkups by Private Dental Clinics across Fiji
  2. Oral Health Campaigns collaboration with Colgate, Fiji Dental Association, Fiji National University, Ministry of Health
  3. School Visits across Fiji
  4. Community Outreach/ Golden Age Home in Eastern and Western Fiji
  5. Social Media Campaigns
  6. Toothie Beaver Videos
  7. TV, Radio, and Newspaper Features

Due to severe weather,  planned celebrations for 20th March was cancelled however, On 25th March, in a heartwarming celebration, the organized impactful events for primary school students on World Oral Health Day. The festivities at the Suva Civic Centre brought together students, professionals, and dignitaries for a day filled with education and joy. 

The day featured engaging activities, a speech by Dr. Jemesa Tudravu (Permanent Secretary of Health of Fiji) on oral health's significance, and competitions showcasing youth creativity. Dr.Osea Dukuno who is the Head of Oral Health department in Fiji National University, highlighted how untreated tooth decay causes pain and it is a challenge for children to eat, speak, play, and learn comfortably. These features included poster competitions and oratory competitions among participating schools! 

Esteemed guests interacted with attendees, emphasizing dental care's importance. Performances, refreshments, and free check-ups added a festive touch, leaving attendees informed and smiling. Colgate's country manager Adrian Romanin highlighted the company's dedication to preventative oral health care, evident in the event's success, reflects a commitment to community well-being. With media coverage and nationwide programs, an estimated 20,000 people benefited, a significant achievement for Fiji.

Despite surging challenges in Fiji such as drug use and poor diet among young population, this collaborative effort made a positive impact, thanks to the dedication of volunteers, partners, and attendees. The Fiji Dental Association extends heartfelt gratitude to all involved, making World Oral Health Day a memorable and impactful occasion for all.


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Fiji Dental Association
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Dr. Chamath Karunaratne
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Dental check-ups
Media event
School visit
Social media campaign

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18/3/24 to 25/3/24
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