A World Health Day School Adventure: Exploring, Discovering, Creating with faculty of dentistry-Suez University !

School visit

"Health for All: fairer, healthier worlds"
We are going to planning  a visit to one of the schools at Suez city aiming to :
•    Raise awareness about the importance of World Health Day 
•    Educate students about oral healthy lifestyle choices.
•    Encourage students to take action to improve their own oral health and their community.
•    Making the learning experience fun and engaging.
Opening Assembly:
•    Starting with a nice presentation introducing World Health Day .
•    Using animations, videos, or guest speakers to grab students' attention.
•    Sharing inspiring stories of individuals who have made a positive impact on oral health.
Interactive Workshops:
Dividing students into smaller groups for interactive workshops based on different health topics like:
•    Nutrition: Exploring food groups and healthy eating habits. 
•    Hygiene : Teaching students about tooth brushing, hygiene practices, and the importance of clean teeth.
Closing Activity:
•    Ending the visit with a summarizing activity that reinforces the key takeaways.
•    Having students pledge to act towards a healthier lifestyle, themselves, and their community.
•    Distributing informative materials or small gifts to remember the occasion.




Suez New General Hospital, Suez Rd, Suez
Suez Governorate