WOHD 24 Dental Care Orthodontics Center For Advance Dentistry Prof. Dr. Ambreen Afzal


On 21st March 2024 the Dental Care Orthodontics  team celebrated the world Oral Health Day in the Clinic premises.  The dynamic group of employees including the doctors, dental assistant , dental technicians, managements , security and house keeping staffs were actively involved the event.

Our dental hygienist conducted an hourly session on the Objectives and importance of WOHD with the doctors and dental assistants. The Objective of WOHD is to empower people with knowledge and skills to secure  good optimal oral health. The theme for  the year 2024-2026 is " A HAPPY MOUTH IS A HAPPY BODY" As everyone deserves the right to access to quality oral health care. 

The second activity was more like a workshop where  group of participants  were involved in the oral health awareness session which included educating on proper brushing , flossing and using other interdental aids for maintaining Optimal oral hygiene. a group of two individual were made where they demonstrated practically modified Bass method of brushing, flossing and asked their questions regarding soft tissue diseases.  The effects of smoking and betel nuts was highly emphasized during the sessions. 




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Dental Care Orthodontics Center For Advance Dentistry Clifton Karachi