Unity Dental camp and outreach program ( PAKISTAN ASSOCIATION OF DENTAL STUDENTS )

Dental check-ups


The Pakistan Association of Dental Students (PADS) Prophylaxis Committee orchestrated a dental camp at Unity School in Kahana, Lahore, in partnership with Rotary International, dedicated to enhancing dental well-being for schoolgirls in an underprivileged area. The event prioritized preventive dental care, transcending routine check-ups by incorporating education and empowerment initiatives. It not only catered to the immediate dental needs of the schoolgirls but also aimed to cultivate enduring oral health habits within the community. The collaboration with Rotary International magnified the camp's reach and impact. A team of  volunteers from Rotary International collaborated with the PADS Prophylaxis Committee, leveraging their expertise for community service and healthcare provision for the schoolgirls. The camp featured interactive sessions and practical demonstrations tailored to the participants' requirements, delivering essential dental care while advancing the broader goal of community health education. This collaborative endeavor serves as a testament to the transformative potential of community-driven healthcare initiatives for underserved populations.

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Unity Dental camp and outreach program
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Dental check-ups
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13 October 2023
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