Spreading smile among the last Nomads community of Nepal


Rautes- The last Living Nomads of Nepal

I am Dr Dilip Prajapati, Community Dentist, Kathamandu Univeristy Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal.

On the occasion of World Oral health day, we have visited to Raute community,Nepal to promote the oral health. 
We have been there with oral hygiene kit and surprisingly, they have never seen tooth brush and paste. They dont have access to general health care, this tribe live in jungle spending their life with own common believe and understanding. They love to hunt for living and don't bother with materialistic world.

Me being community Dentist with expert rural experience, This is my first time encountered with such innocent tribe. When we demonstrate the brushing technique,  Raute children have been brushing their teeth as they were in love with the new toy or gift. I wish i could have more opportunity to serve them with everything I have.

March 20, 2024 is my happiest day as a Community Dentist to meet this innocent tribe that motivate me to do more for the mankind.

Thank you FDI. Its because of WDDF award to Nepal🙏






Thimi Bhaktapur