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The World Oral Health Day (WOHD) for the year 2024 was celebrated with a plethora of activities all around Saudi Arabia. These WOHD activities were planned and organized with a primary aim of improving the public's oral health literacy and enhancing their motivation to manage chronic oral conditions and diseases.

The Saudi Dental Society carried out large-scale oral health campaigns to popularize WOHD activity under the able guidance and leadership of Dr. Ziyad Allahem. The Saudi Dental Society conceptualized and organized a massive Oral health awareness drive hosting more than 40 major events in all the important governates of Saudi Arabia.

The activities were divided into a wide range of interesting events related to oral health awareness among the wide expanse of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Region-wise WOHD activities with the suggested motto of “Happy Mouth” as mentioned below primarily focused on places which are highly populated like malls. The WOHD activities were coordinated by Dr. Sameer Al Thomairy. We have hereby the list of the wide range of WOHD activities in malls, Schools, and health centers.

Riyadh which is the capital city in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia had a wide variety of activities

organized in the following venues with more than 23,591 individuals actively participating and benefitting from the events.

We also conducted WOHD activities in other important governorates in Saudi Arabia. Around 16 WOHD activities were organized between the 4th- 26th of March so that many people could benefit from the oral health awareness campaigns. The WOHD activities in the following venues cater to the needs of around 6771 general public.

As part of the WOHD activity drive, free diagnosis was provided by dentists, dental interns, and experts through one-to-one service to carry out the examination of various oral diseases and share treatment suggestions. Each of the activity lasted for more than eight hours. There was a group of dentists involved in the activity, including 2 senior professional title experts.

The activities benefitted more than 30,362 individuals, including local people and students in school. At the activity site, exhibition shelves with oral health awareness exhibits, in addition to publicity materials were displayed, and more than 25000 oral health gift hampers were presented.

Free treatment advises was provided for various kinds of oral diseases, including maxillofacial surgery, root canal treatment, periodontal conditions, indication for orthodontic appliances, denture repairs, implants, children's dental diseases, and other specialties, with a focus on effectively enhancing the oral health concept and oral health awareness among patients.

The "World Oral Health Day" publicity activities have achieved a good response in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The majority of the general public not only learns oral health care and oral disease prevention knowledge but also understands the importance of creating a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to oral health played a role in promoting.

Name of association/organization
Saud Dental Society
Name of activity(ies)
World Oral Health Day
Type of activity(ies)
Dental check-ups
Dental practice visit
School visit
Social media campaign

24.7151829, 46.6214721

Number of activity(ies)
Number of participants (in activities)
Activity date(s)
1 Riyadh Wahat Al-Alson International Schools 15-Jan-2024
2 Riyadh School 57 16-Jan-2024
3 Riyadh Al-Shabab FC 16-Jan-2024
4 Riyadh kindergarten64 9-Jan-2024
5 Riyadh School of the Royal Guard 23-Jan-2024
6 Riyadh Modern Institute of the Capital 29-Jan-2024
7 Riyadh Here 2 Grow International School 12-Feb-2024
8 Riyadh Tgnyat alalih School 4-Feb-2024
9 Riyadh King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences 7-Mar-2024
10 Riyadh Al Rajhi Mosque 21-Mar-9 Apr-2024
11 Riyadh Manarat Al Riyadh Schools 8-Mar-2024
12 Riyadh kindergarten 45 11-Feb-2024
13 Riyadh Othaim Mall 15-Feb-2024
14 Riyadh Ministry of oreiqr Affairs Central office 21-Feb-2024
15 Riyadh Roshn Front 5-7-Mar- 2024
16 Riyadh Othaim Mall 5-7-Mar-2024
17 Riyadh Prince Sultan Military Medical 6-9 Mar- 2024
18 Riyadh Riyadh Park 9-Mar-2024
19 Riyadh Charity for Orphans Care 14-Mar-2024
20 Riyadh kindergarten 39 14-Mar-2024
21 Riyadh Dental Hospital - King Saud University 20-Mar-2024
22 Riyadh Dental Hospital - King Saud University 21-Mar-2024
23 Riyadh Here 2 Grow International School 20-Mar-2024
24 Riyadh Park Avenue 23-Mar-2024
25 Riyadh Othaim Mall 22-Mar-2024
26 Riyadh Al Qaseer Mall 22-Mar-2024
27 Riyadh SEK International School 21-Mar-2024
28 Riyadh Al Anoud Park Mall 25-Mar-2024
29 Riyadh Othaim Mall 28-29-Mar-2024
30 Riyadh Khurais Mall 28-29-Mar-2024
31 Riyadh Al Khayma Mall 28-29-Mar-2024
32 Riyadh Al-Shabab FC 30-Mar-2024
33 Riyadh Al Mansoura Park 28-Mar-2024
34 Riyadh Al Salam Mall 31-Mar-2024
35 Riyadh Shorofat 5-29 Mar -2024
36 Riyadh Fortieth Kindergarten 24-25 Mar-2024
37 Riyadh Royal Mall 27-Apr-2024
38 Riyadh Al Nakheel Mall 2-May-2024
39 Riyadh Riyadh Park 3-May-2024
40 Riyadh Al-Shabab FC 4-May-2024
41 Jeddah King Abdulaziz University 20-Jan- 24
42 Jeddah Rehabilitation Center 6-Mar-2024
43 Jeddah King Abdulaziz University 7-Mar-2024
44 Jeddah King Fahad Hospital 4-Mar-2024
45 Jeddah East Jeddah General Hospital 21-Apr-2024
46 AlKharj King Khaled Hospital and Prince Sultan Center For Health Care17-21 Mar-2024
47 AlKharj University Boulevard 20-Mar-2024
48 AlKharj University Boulevard 21-Mar-2024
49 AlKharj Ibn Kholdoon Private School 30-Apr-2024
50 Hafar Al Batin Specialized Dental Center 20-Mar-2024
51 Hafar Al Batin Qran Alhfar 20-Mar-2024
52 Hafar Al Batin Othaim Mall 20-Mar-2024
53 Jazan Jazan University 21-Mar-2024
54 Madinah Aliat Mall 21-Mar-2024
55 Buraydah Othaim Mall 19-Mar-2024
56 Makkah Makkah Park Clinics 20-Mar-2024
57 Najran Milagro Boutique Mall 25-Mar-2024
58 Albaha Hiking area in Al Bahah 26-Mar-2024
59 Al Majma'ah Al Majma'ah Mall 24-25-Apr-2024
60 Hail Al Othaim Mall 2-May-2024
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