Oral Health Screening and Health Education for Frehiwot 1st Preschool and Elementary School children, Ethiopian Dental Professionals' Association, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Dental check-ups

This session serves to introduce children to oral health personnel in their own familiar surroundings. The short talk also explains why it is important to care for their teeth and how they can do that. Not only that, these talks will be more beneficial if it is given to teachers as well as they have the greater role of shaping the habits of preschollers especially if they are well informed and engaged. This activity will be held in one of the largest governmental elementary schools in Addis Ababa with 350 preschoolers, 780 elementary school children and 75 teachers.

Children will be taught to systematically clean every tooth surface that is. the outer, inner and biting surfaces of upper and lower teeth to ensure effective brushing simulation, role-play activity will also allow pre-school children to play the roles of ‘dentist’ and ‘patient’ so that they will be much more receptive to dental checkups when they face the situation.

The children will also be exposed to the simple clinical procedure of oral health screening. They also get to view the oral cavity and teeth/diseased teeth. At the same time it allows oral health personnel to make a quick assessment of the oral health status of the children. This activity may be conducted as cursory oral screening or as complete oral examination and charting will be made to provide feedback to parents.

Children will be given tooothie coloring papers during part of the screening session 

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Ethiopian Dental Professionals'' Association
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Free Health Education and Screening
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Dental check-ups
School visit

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March 20




Beyene Aba Sebsib Street
Addis Ababa

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