Mansoura School Visit (DSSA-Egypt)

School visit

DSSA-Egypt has organized a dental campaign to Elmenylawy Elemntary school Targeting 150 students to emphasize the importance of brushing their teeth & reduce refined sugarsĀ 

DSSA-Egypt has organized 20 activities in 31 days all over March through campaigns, convoys, Online webinars, social media Reels and school visits to enjoy the World Oral Health Day under the supervision of IADS..
All of the activities are submitted in the PDF attached in the contest
DSSA-Egypt March

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Dental students scientific association of Egypt DSSA-Egypt
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Prophylaxis Awareness campaigns
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School visit

31.2035007, 29.9078859

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Al Satamoni St. Dakahlia Governorate
Dakahlia Governorate

Elmenylawy Elemntary school