Healthy oral cavity, healthy physique

School visit

In order to deeply implement the macro guidance and policy spirit of the "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)", Guiyang Stomatological Hospital takes it as its responsibility to enhance the public's oral health literacy. As World Oral Health Day approaches on March 20, 2024, it actively responds to the call and initiative of the FDI World Dental Alliance, carefully plans and organizes the "3.20" series of science popularization activities with the theme of "Healthy Oral Health, Healthy Body".
On March 19th, the Guizhou Oral Disease Prevention and Control Guidance Center and the Guiyang Stomatological Hospital organized party members and cadres, led by Chen Liming, Deputy Director of the Guizhou Oral Disease Prevention and Control Guidance Center, and Chen Zhu, Dean of the Guiyang Stomatological Hospital, to enter the ethnic school in Hefeng Township, Kaiyang County. They held the opening ceremony for the oral science popularization park of the ethnic school and carried out fun oral education activities for teachers and students, transmitting oral health knowledge to local children.
Wu Juanjuan, Deputy Director of Oral Prevention at Guiyang Stomatological Hospital, introduced the basic situation of the Oral Science Popularization Park at the event. The leaders visited the Oral Science Popularization Park and highly affirmed its important significance. Dai Taiming, Director of the Stomatological Prevention Department of Guiyang Stomatological Hospital, gave a lecture on oral knowledge to all third grade students and some teachers of Kaiyang County Ethnic Middle School on the topic of children's oral health foundation. The lecture atmosphere was lively, with students actively asking questions and experts patiently answering, allowing everyone to have a more comprehensive understanding of oral health.
In addition, there are a series of fun card drawing games, food battles, knowledge experts, puzzle games, and other check-in games for students. The students actively participated, and several students also studied the circular brushing method seriously and demonstrated the correct brushing method on site. The atmosphere on site was very lively.
On March 20th, at the theme event of the Oral Science Popularization Education Base in the Guanshanhu Campus of the hospital, we are honored to invite Mr. Ding Shiguang, a national first-class screenwriter and former chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Workers' Federation, to attend the event in person. Chairman Ding not only brought his personally created "Brushing Teeth Song" to the fifth grade children from the Zhishan Campus of Guanshanhu Middle School, but also taught them how to brush their teeth correctly with simple and easy to understand lyrics and catchy melodies. This stage not only allows children to master the correct brushing methods in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, but also deeply realizes the importance of oral health.
Subsequently, under the guidance of the staff, the children visited the oral science popularization education base in an orderly manner. At the same time, multiple fun game points were also set up on site, such as clay squeezing teeth, food battles, and knowledge experts. By participating in games, children not only gain happiness, but also deepen their understanding of oral health knowledge through entertainment and education. Children who gather stamps can also receive oral hygiene set gifts, which greatly stimulates their interest in oral health through learning and playing.
In addition, in order to encourage more citizens to participate in the event, game participation points have also been set up on site for patients seeking medical treatment. Citizens of different age groups can learn about oral health knowledge and receive exquisite gifts by participating in small games.
More than 200 participants participated in this event, distributing over 400 World Oral Health Day themed brochures and core information cards, over 100 children's watercolor pens, and 200 oral health products. The atmosphere on site was lively, and the interactive session was well received. Through this series of activities, citizens have gained a deeper understanding of oral health and a deeper understanding of the close relationship between oral health and overall health. Everyone expressed that they will pay more attention to the importance of oral health for overall health.
The successful holding of the "3.20 World Oral Health Day" series of science popularization activities by Guiyang Stomatological Hospital not only enhances the oral health literacy of citizens, but also demonstrates the positive role of the hospital in oral health education. In the future, the hospital will continue to uphold the concept of "Healthy China", carry out more diverse forms of oral health science popularization activities, and contribute more strength to the national oral health cause.