Haleon Booth in New Giza University celebrating the WOHD (DSSA-Egypt)


Dental students' scientific association has organized an event in the faculty of Dentistry-New Giza University to celebrate the World Oral Health Day inviting: 

Dr. Nahawand Thabet FDI Ambassador in Africa

Dr. Maryam Elahmady IADS vice president for Science & research 

The event included

-Awareness posters

-Fun Activities & Games

-Giveaways for Sensodyne toothpastes for all university students in Dentistry, Medicine, Physical therapy , pharmacy & Business Administration

DSSA-Egypt has organized 20 activities in 31 days all over March through campaigns, convoys, Online webinars, social media Reels and school visits to enjoy the World Oral Health Day under the supervision of IADS..
All of the activities are submitted in the PDF attached in the contest

Name of association/organization
Dental students scientific association of Egypt (DSSA-Egypt)
Name of activity(ies)
Prophylaxis awareness campaigns

31.2035007, 29.9078859

Number of activity(ies)
Number of participants (in activities)
Activity Audiovisuals
Activity date(s)
20 activities Starting from the 1st to 31st of March




First 6th of October, Giza Governorate
Giza Governorate

New Guiza University