Gifting Smiles


The NSS unit at Aditya Degree and P.G. College, Surampalam, Andhra Pradesh, India is hosting an Oral Hygiene Awareness Program by collecting toothpaste and toothbrush and distributing at any selected hospital for people to build their oral hygiene and prevent them acquiring Oral diseases like cavities, ulcers, cancer, etc. The students, while distributing, will also explain to the people the importance of oral hygiene. 

We urge students to make the contribution at the Box Placed in the office through their respective CRs. Your contribution will surely help someone smile brightly. 

Build your sense of giving today!.

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Aditya Nagar, ADB Road
Surampalem 533437
Andhra Pradesh

Aditya Degree and PG College, Surampalem