Ghana Dental Association


SMART GOAL 1: Increase understanding of the oral-systemic health connection:


Objective 1: Develop and share educational materials in local dialects (infographics, videos, presentations) explaining the connection between oral health and overall health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


Objective 2: Organize  number of awareness events (e.g., TV and radio interviews) featuring healthcare professionals discussing the oral-systemic health link.


Objective 3: Partner with schools, community centers (Weija Leprosarium) to deliver educational sessions on oral health and its impact on overall well-being.      


SMART GOAL 2: Promote positive oral health behaviors:


Objective 1: Launch a social media campaign with engaging posts encouraging healthy practices like brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and limiting sugary drinks.


Objective 2: Distribute 500 oral hygiene kits (toothbrushes, toothpaste) to schools (Christ The King School, Accra-Ghana), along with instructions on proper brushing techniques.


Objective 3: Organize walk for all dental professionals and dental students


SMART GOAL 3: Encourage members of GDA and dental students to be more pro-active


Objective 1: Conduct a debate at the University of Ghana Dental School and award winners.


Objective 2: Partner with dental professionals to offer free or discounted oral health screenings and consultations, promoting preventive care.



SMART GOAL 4: Improve access to oral health services:


Objective 1: Advocate for 5 government funding to be allocated to school dental programs or community clinics, expanding access to preventive care for children and low-income individuals.


Objective 2: Petition about 2-3 insurance companies to include oral health coverage in their plans, increasing affordability of dental care.


Objective 3: Organize 4 volunteer events where dental professionals provide free or discounted cleanings and other basic services to those who lack access to regular care.


Name of association/organization
Ghana Dental Association
Name of activity(ies)
Health walk and aerobics, Debate, Screening, Virtual Dental Expo Event
Type of activity(ies)
Dental check-ups
Media event
School visit
Social media campaign

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Number of activity(ies)
Number of participants (in activities)
Activity date(s)
From 1st March to 10th April 2024
Press coverage details
We engaged several media houses such as Metro TV, GH One, TV3, Asaase FM, UTV, etc



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