Fiji World Oral Health Day Celebration


Various oral health awareness programs is being organized by in collaboration between Fiji Dental Association , Fiji National Univeristy , Ministry of Health Fiji Government and Colgate Palmolive for targeted audiences such as Ante-Natal Clinic, pre-school students, secondary school students, dental outpatients, Lautoka City Municipal Market area (general public) , Golden Age Home and Nation Wide General Public . Happy Mouth connection to Happy Body concept from womb to tomb will be used as this will target all age groups and give an understanding to the general audience that tooth development starts at pregnancy and should be cared throughout lifetime for healthy body . The National Oral Health Week is often launched and celebrated following World Oral Health Day. The aim of the National Oral Health Week is to create awareness on improving oral health status and reducing oral diseases amongst the general public and also to reach out to the poor and underprivileged people.

The most key messages delivered and advocated to all Fijians was to; "Brush your teeth twice a day, using a soft, right sized toothbrush and a pea sized fluoridated tooth paste. Eat healthy well-balanced meals and snacks and visit your dentist at least twice a year, A HAPPY MOUTH IS A HAPPY BODY.

Activities :

1. Free Oral Health Checkup's by volunteering Private Dental Clinics across Fiji

2. Social Media #BrushAndBoogie Instagram and Facebook

3. School Visits - 2 schools in Eastern and 2 Schools in Western part of Fiji

4. Community visit to underprivalged communities in Eastern and Western Fiji and seniors retirement home

5. Social media posts and instagram posts scheduled posts 

6. Social media toothie beaver videos and reels

7. March through Captial city Suva for public awareness of WOHD and theme

8. TV talkshow , radio and newspaper articles 

Name of association/organization
Fiji Dental Association
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World Oral Health Day
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Dental check-ups
Dental practice visit
Media event
School visit
Social media campaign

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Start date 18th March 2024
End date 22nd March 2024
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