Empowering Smiles: Local Heroes Making an Impact


Our initiatives, aim to uplift underserved communities through locally-led events focused on oral and overall health. Led by trained local heroes, we collaborate with community partners to ensure sustainability and deep resonance within communities. Our diverse initiatives, including a pop-up oral health booth at a local market, school education and daily toothbrushing programs at nine local schools, and maternal and early childhood health initiatives, will reach over 1000 individuals with essential services and education in the month of March, benefiting entire families and communities. With the support of partners like Colgate Africa, we provide oral hygiene supplies to promote oral health for all. Through utilizing the FDI's WOHD posters, activity sheets, social media and the FDI global World Oral Health Day map, we showcase our community-led efforts' impact, and celebrate local heroes' influence worldwide. 




Mara Simba

Various locations in the Narok County, Maasai Mara Region