The Egyptian Dental Association celebrating the WOHD-2024 ( A Happy Mouth Is ---A Happy Body)


The Egyptian Dental Association  is the main FDI official authorized body in Egypt as a Regular Member -. The EDA will celebrate the World Oral Health Day -2024   by number of activities affiliated by Egyptian Universities highlighting the theme (A HAPPY MOUITH IS A HAPPY BODY )  and FDI published resources for the WOHD-2024 celebration .  FDI resources for WOHD -2024 celebration will be used and toolkits.

First , Training sessions will be held for all the entities who will participate in celebrating the WOHD-2024 highlighting how to celebrate and highlighting the resources available  from FDI for celebration.

 Second,  Arranging Dental convoys by some  universities to underprivileged areas deprived of dental services,   to offer  dental  checkups , dental treatment services as well as Medical and Oral health awareness through the well-equipped dental mobile  unit  and well qualified staff members in different specialties, to visit  schools & areas deprived of dental services in Egypt  where the dental and medical care are difficult to reach , services offered will be: Oral health screening and Checkups  for children and adults , offering dental care services in different specialties , calculous removal & preventive measures application .In addition  Leading a tooth brushing training  campaign  for adults and children in the dental hospitals and convoys done.  Arranging visits to school, orphanages, special needs institutions and nurseries for Oral health education and offering them simple giveaways as oral hygiene kits.

Third , Awareness  campaigns  targeting different topics as  oral health care, cigarette cessation and smoking hazards, tooth brushing importance and training sessions on tooth brushing. Awareness sessions will be carried out on campus in the universities and in the surrounding areas, together in areas with underprivileged people in areas of highest need.   Activities will target spreading the FDI key messages ( A Happy Mouth is A Happy Body) . The campaign events will include Booth Sessions about oral health tips and a Poster sessions highlighting different ways to have a good oral hygiene as well as simple games highlighting the importance of Oral Health  and both for general checkups will be done for chronic diseases affecting oral cavity to highlight the importance of a Good Body. In accordance with achieving sustainability in Oral Health care , all oral health care givers, parents , teachers –etc. will be trained for oral health and dental  care. Awareness Flyers , Brochures will be given to the patients.  FDI templates resources will be used. Awareness will include posters , brochures , flyers and videos of Toothie the Beaver.

Fourth  Some universities are arranging  school visits for offering dental checkups, oral and dental health care  and awareness  for children.  




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