DSSA-Egypt March 2024


DSSA-Egypt (Full country member in IADS) has celebrated the World Oral Health Day in a different way..
By 13 Universities in 8 different cities from upper to lower Egypt we have proudly organized 20 Activities all over the Month of March starting from the 1st to the 31st of March.. 
Our activities included campaigns, convoys, school visits, college booths, conferences, workshops & social media posts* with the official theme "A Happy Mouth Is A Happy Body."
 Our *Aim* is to spread awareness among all people including; students, colleagues, unprivileged people, Diabetic patients, Down syndrome children & health care givers,, 

-6 School visits
-2 Club visits 
-2 National Convoys
-3 Online Campaigns
-2 Conferences 
-5 University Booths 

All the details are presented in the PDF attached in the contest section

we have targeted 3000 participants & utilized 1000+ FDI resources and distribution of some toothpaste gifts with instructions on how to properly use them.. Some of the posts and reels have engaged 100+ Likes & 2K Views on Instagram using hashtags #WOHD #Toothie #DSSA_Egypt

Post script: Every Activity done is attached in the PDF presented in the WOHD Award contest

Name of association/organization
Dental students scientific association of Egypt DSSA-Egypt
Name of activity(ies)
Prophylaxis Awareness Campaigns
Type of activity(ies)
Dental check-ups
Media event
School visit
Social media campaign

31.2044311, 29.9076897

Number of activity(ies)
Number of participants (in activities)
Activity date(s)
20 events in 31 days starting from the 1st to the 31st of March 2024
Press coverage details
school visit was covered by the supervision of ministry of youth & sports in Alexandria




Taghour, Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate
Alexandria Governorate

Dental students scientific association of Egypt