The county has contracted the township to integrate grass-roots, oral health services into the township

Dental check-ups

With “ the World Healthy Oral Cavity Day of 320” coming, as a doctor that is “County hired township use” in the village, I joined in some activities which were organized by the public health department of health center locally were the “ Healthy oral cavity, a healthy strong body” and “ The widespread healthily oral cavity, millions of doctor volunteers going into community”. The purpose of activity made the people in the village and town-mostly the left-behind children and the left-behind old man- have the basic healthy oral cavity ideas. The content of activity included the school arranged students to watch a cartoon called “ Teeth Elf Squad” before March 19, 2024, for the science lecture, and we filled the questionnaires of children oral disease and surveyed the situation that was the knowledge of oral health about students and parents. From March 19 to March 29, according to the investigation, we had a science lecture that was about how to brush teeth and the teeth trauma etc at the primary school of Mayi, the primary school of Meikui, the primary school of Yanghe and the kindergarten of Tuxiang. More than 350 people benefited from the activity.After finishing the lecture, we took students to brush their teeth and had a free oral cavity check whose result was a little bad. So it’s worth for us to focus on the village and town as the fragile oral health places.



Yu Palace, Tuxiang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing
Fengjie Xian
Chongqing Shi, 404607

Tuxiang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing