Advancing Oral Health: A Journey Through Research, Practice, and Awareness ( webinar series )


The Dental Webinar Series comprised three sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, held on March 20th, 22nd, and 24th, respectively. The webinars were conducted via Google Meet and targeted dental students and graduates. Each session featured distinguished speakers: Dr. Samira Adnan, Dr. Muhammad Haseeb, and Prof. Dr Amjad H. Wyne. The events followed a structured format including speaker introductions, main presentations, interactive activities, Q&A sessions, post-evaluation activities and distribution of feedback forms and certificates to participants. In total, 24 participants attended the series.

Over three sessions, attendees delved into pivotal areas aimed at elevating oral health care practices.

Session 1: Insights on Clinical Research Addressing Oral Health Challenges
In the first session, participants gained valuable insights into groundbreaking clinical research initiatives addressing prevalent oral health challenges. They explored innovative treatment approaches and emerging trends, providing a detailed overview of the evolving landscape of oral health research.

Session 2: The Art of Dental Portfolios and Comprehensive Guide
The second session focused on the art of crafting compelling dental portfolios and comprehensive guides. Participants received practical tips for showcasing clinical skills and professional achievements, examining effective portfolio presentation strategies.

Session 3: Translating Research into Clinical Implication
In the final session, attendees bridged the gap between research findings and clinical practice. Through in-depth  analysis of real-world case studies, they learned to integrate evidence-based interventions into daily routines, reflecting on the profound impact of research on patient care.

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Advancing Oral Health: A Journey Through Research, Practice, and Awareness ( webinar series )
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