World Oral Health Celebration 2021 by HCCM, Russia


Students, dentists, teachers of USMU Yekaterinburg celebrated World Oral Health Day 2021 in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Mayakovsky with the action "Be proud of your smile" ?

- Funny health lesson "The ABC of a Healthy Smile", games, contests, clockwork relay race with Dr. Rabbit, Tooth Fairy, cat Meow

- "Laboratory of Pasturing", where everyone was able to create a toothpaste to their taste, color and smell

- Master classes on brushing teeth, consultations on oral care

- Puzzles, riddles, gifts for little ones and adults

- Amazing mood, unforgettable emotions and energy boost for the whole day!


230 Ulitsa Michurina
Sverdlovskaya oblast'

Culture and Leisure named after Mayakovsky