Oral health based school lessons by Australian Dental Association


For WOHD 2021 ‘Be Proud of your Mouth’, the Australian Dental Association is launching a new group of oral health based school lessons, created with SugarByHalf and Cool Australia. This group of lessons are based on a purpose built story, Guardians of the Gums, and includes 6 lessons created for students in early learning through to Grade 3. Lessons reference oral health care, oral hygiene, sugar intake and marketing; educating young Australian children of the importance of oral health care and to be proud of their oral health and mouth.

These lessons are aligned with the Australian National School Curriculum and allow for oral health to be integrated into everyday school subjects. 

Teachers will be encouraged to implement these lessons around WOHD. Printed copies of the Guardians of the Gums book will be distributed to schools and learning centres. The book will also be available for sale online for teachers, families and health care professionals.

Media and social media promotion will take place to amplify the message regarding these valuable resources. 



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