All together for oral health by Mashhad Dental School, Iran

Social media campaign

Previously, in 2019 and 2020, Mashhad Dental School held two campaigns in Mashhad with the following titles, respectively: "Let's talk about oral health" and   "Oral health for all". Given the COVID-19 epidemy around the world and another increasing wave these days, we decided to host people through social media. For this purpose, we are recording short-length videos (1 to 3 minutes) which allocate to various oral health topics and contain scientific answers to oral health-related questions in simple words. These questions came from two sources: first, collected during previous campaigns which were asked by people who took part in the city; and second,  some beliefs about traditional treatments of oral diseases. These videos will be distributed among people through social media such as Instagram, telegram channels and groups (people and health) with more than 3000 members of Mashhad citizens, and the website of MDS. Also, we will be accessible for answering questions that may be arisen during the campaign. 

This time, five more dental schools will cooperate with MDS. They are preparing some videos and will help in their widespread dissemination. 




Razavi Khorasan Province
Vakilabad Blvd, Azadi square, Mashhad Dental School

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