Wear your smile, show happiness! Raising awareness for oral health with children of age 6-15 years old.

School visit

The Public Health Institute offers free dental service for children 0-18 years old. At the primary school “Neim Babameto”, in the city of Durres, is recently installed a new dental unit. Children of age 6-15 years old that study at this school are also part of a community with social and economic difficulties.  

Beside all the dental services that are offered for free, we want to organize an activity to celebrate World Oral Health Day. The activity will take place at the school with participants the students and teachers of the school. 
It will start at the Hall of Activities with a lecture from doctor Erblina Kertusha. 150 students and teachers will attend this lecture. After the lecture, two groups of students will participate in a quick quiz to test the informations taken from the lecture.

  The activity will continue with songs and rhymes for children about teeth and healthy foods.

 Then we will continue at the main hall of the school with other songs and children bringing the motto of the activity “Proud mouth”. Lots of different spots with special topics will be organized like: a food fair by the students, a spot for painting and drawing for 6-7 year old children and another spot with paintings and projects of older students. 
 At the end a group of students will continue with the fluoridation project at the dental practice. This project will gradually be completed for all the students of the school.