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Dental check-ups

  Eleven teachers and 30 students participated in the activity.This activity includes the following procedures: First, students enter the class to publicize; Second, teachers conduct oral health survey; Third, collect and sort out the feedback sheet; Fourth, students share their experience and feelings of oral examination.

  The volunteers conducted oral health check for each child. First, they patiently asked the child's age and the number of times they brushed their teeth. Then, they checked the children's teeth. The volunteers cooperated and interacted with the kindergarten teachers and children to guide the children to develop good oral hygiene habits. Volunteers remind kindergarten teachers and parents, to improve the protection of children's dental health awareness, pay attention to children's dental health, active prevention of dental caries, such as in life to eat less candy food, eat food should be timely cleaning of oral hygiene, develop the correct habit of brushing teeth, such as dental problems, timely to the regular professional dental hospital for treatment.


Zhaoling District
Doremi Kindergarten
Luohe Shi
Henan Sheng, 462300

8020 Association of Luohe Medical College