Oral Family Doctors serving the Community people


Relying on the Alliance of Oral Family Doctors,West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, and cooperating with several community health service centers in Chengdu, a series of activities are going to  be carried out to provide oral health services for the elderly, patients with hypertension or diabetes, pregnant women, young children and other key groups. The service includes oral health examination, risk assessment, oral health education and consultation. Health education materials and oral care kits will be provided to residents.If necessary, refer them to an dentist for treatment of oral diseases. On the one hand, the activity aims to arouse the oral health awareness of community residents, to perform early detection and early treatment of oral diseases; At the same time, through the joint efforts of dentists and general practitioners, and of the community health service centers and dental hospitals, will establish a new path for the realization of the goal of oral health and general health.



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