Be proud of your mouth: a big event in Naples


As ANDI Foundation We have organized a symbolic event in Naples on March, 20th.

We will go to a school located in a tough suburban neighborhood. There, we will hold a non-stop oral health and hygiene lessons for 150 children aged 3 to 7 years. The children will all be in the gym with entertainers and dentists and then, in groups of 40, they will enter the classrooms where they will attend the lesson for about 45 minutes. We will also distribute information material in foreign languages for those families who have recently arrived in Italy and who do not yet speak Italian well. Unilever and the ANDI Naples department will help us with materials for the children and teachers and with the volunteer dentists who will hold the lessons.


12 Via Ilioneo
80124 Napoli NA

Michelangelo Augusto school