Dental check-ups

We have will carry out Various Important events to celebrate the WOHD including school visits and educative talks by the hygienists.

Oral Hygiene Promotion offer.

  • This will commence on March 15th where patients will be scheduled with Hygienists for oral cancer screening, OHE  periodontal scaling and polishing as a WOHD package and the patients will get a free dental check up with the dentists with free bite-wing radiographs

Health camp 

  • 18th and19th March, the hygienist will Visit The Chief's camp for People with Disabilities at Joska. they will carry out OHE and check-up sessions and give out free tooth brushes and toothpastes and a fruit.

School Visit

  • A school visit by Hygienists to educate school going children about oral health and issuing a free soft toothbrushes and toothpaste and an apple.

Screening Camp

  • Scheduled for March 31st at Main Campus, for free dental check-up and OHE offered by hygienists at the camp.